December 26, 2011

| Holiday trip : Part 2 {Penang} |


Alhamdulillah. This school holiday was very exciting times for me.

I was on holiday with my beloved family.

On 24 December 2011, I was going to Penang as my nephew wishes on his birthday. He made a request to go to Museum Toy in Penang. Ok, the pictures will tell everything. I didn't have any idea to bebel-bebel, tired ;p

| Museum Toys, Penang |

In front of the museum.

Inside the Museum :)

Star wars :)

Start dah =P

Dushhh kene tumbuk! Hee.

I was very excited because i'm smaller than Shrek =D

The taller boy was very-very excited to go here.
But his mashu was taken many pictures there =p

I like this picture even it was blur ;)

Hiyahhh, I'm strong more than batman. 

Comment : This museum is suitable for children, maybe an adult will feel bored inside there.
But, I was enjoying there. Because I was childish. Kikikikiki *peghasan nak bagai.

This museum was open from morning until 8pm. Adult ticket about RM10, children RM6. 
Tak berapa berbaloi sebab dalam tuh penuh dengan berabuk dah aihhhh =B


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