January 6, 2012

The amazing moments in my life -.-

HI-people :) No need to "bebel-bebel".

Lets start !
Amazing moments from July 1992-Jan 2012 in my life.

1. Coming home and going straight in front of lappy or SLEEP.

2. Shopping something interesting that I found on SALE !

3. Unexpected moments that become my favourite MEMORIES !

4. Talking on the phone until SUBUH. *Secondary school =p

5. Resting on someone CHEST. *mummymishyu!

6. Taking long shower to wash away my WORRIES.  *Bapak aku kata, aku mandi macam retis lamenya.

7. Feeling satisfied after delicious MEAL.

8. Deciding what I want to do with my LIFE. *married, HAHAHA.

9. Meeting people that happen to changes my LIFE.

10. I have awesome FAMILY , FRIENDS & MR.PANDA <3

p/s : sebenar banyak lagi, tapi kalau semua nak sumbat sini
       memang tak habislahh entry aku niey. hiihii ;)

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